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Had a blast with {N} today! He was full of fun expressions and had a great time dressing up in daddy’s clothes!
Hope mom likes your sneak peek {N}, and I hope you enjoyed your slushie after you left!


Little {L} sure gave us a run for our money, practicing her diva skills (who can blame her really, it was hot out there!) πŸ™‚ She is such a gorgeous baby, with those big blue eyes and pouty bottom lip, it was impossible not to be totally taken with her anyway πŸ™‚ We got a few big smiles, but they had to be on her terms!
Here’s the sneak peek for mom!

And because I can’t resist showing everyone her baby blues up close:

I had a great time with {H} this afternoon! She made some great faces and her wardrobe as “Queen of the Forest” was fun and totally 6 year old regal πŸ™‚

I had so much fun with you today, I hope your mom enjoys your sneak peek!

I met baby {C} this afternoon, and he was such a squishy little guy! He was the smiliest, sleepiest newborn I have had the pleasure of photographing in a while πŸ™‚

Welcome to the world little man!
(and mom, I’ll let you know when the gallery is up!)

I had a ton of fun exploring with {K} today! She is so full of spunk and she made my job really easy! Thanks for the “veggie soup” (puddle soup) {K} and tell your mommy I will let her know when the gallery is up!

A chef busy at work making veggie soup

A chef busy at work making "veggie soup"

Baby Sweet Bottoms Diaper

Baby Sweet Bottoms Diaper

(Click the image to visit her site)

A friend of mine has started making cloth diapers that are absolutely divine! You can find her at http://babysweetbottoms.blogspot.com/
(p.s. for photographers– they make fabulous diaper covers!)

This afternoon I had tons of fun photographing the spunky {S} family! They were all so fun and willing to try anything, I was kept laughing the entire session!
Enjoy your sneak peek guys, and I will let you know when the gallery is up!

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